Game Tips

Minigame Summary

Reactor Control Panel:

The reactor control panel is responsible for telling the player when reactor errors need to be corrected. The panel will automatically launch and the error code that needs repair will flash at the top of the panel. To repair the errors codes, take note of the symbols that are flashing and try to connect three of the same symbol by swapping symbols in the game window. Once all the errors codes are repaired, the reactor will stabilize and the panel will shutdown.

Please note that there is a time limit for each stage. The first time the panel appears, there will be a 60 second countdown before the next stage begins. Take the error codes seriously. Solve the error codes as quickly as possible to avoid reaching higher stages. As the stages go higher, you will receive more errors and less time to correct them.

If you are unable to repair the error codes before the time runs out, one minute is deducted from the viewtron9000 countdown before the next stage begins.

Translation Matrix Device:

The Translation Matrix Device assists the player in deciphering encrypted messages sent to the player during the game. To launch this device, click the “UT” button on the top left corner of the Viewtron9000. For additional help on using the device click the “help” button inside the Translation Matrix Device.

Slot Machine

The Double Diamond Dungeon slot machine is a ton of fun! If you happen to see the machine during the game, step up to it to launch the minigame. Clicking “Spin” start the reels spinning. Each play costs the player 5 guild credits. Review the payout table above the reels to determine how much each set of symbols payout. There is a maximum of three horizontal payout lines. This means you can win on Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 in a single spin! Have fun and good luck!

Dungeon Poker

The Dungeon Poker casino game is a great way to make money int he Dungeon Guild universe. Step up to the machine to launch the mini game. Once the game launches, select your bet by clicking the betting buttons, then click deal to receive your cards. Make the best poker hand you can with the cards you are dealt. Exchange up to five cards. See the payout table in game.